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Lana'i's Premier Jeep and Truck Rentals

Lana’i Jeep and Truck is here to offer you new and late model all-terrain vehicles for rent on the beautiful island of Lana’i. Explore the untouched beaches and go back in time 100 years to old Hawaii. Our Jeep and Truck rentals are all 4x4 vehicles meant for your exclusive Lana’i eco-island adventure. We are the highest rated jeep and truck rental service providers on the island of Lana’i.  We pride ourselves in great concierge service to ensure a pleasurable experience on our beautiful island.  Please ask us about our guided tour day trips.

Island Touring Guidelines

For your ensured safety while visiting Lana`i we carry several basic policies:

  • Never drive onto beach sand.  This fine sand is the #1 cause of tow-outs that cost no less than $500 to get you out.
  • Stay on paved and graded dirt roads only.  This is a county statute meant for the protection of Native Hawaiian plants and sites.  Please show respect for our island.
  • Weather is constantly changing and as a safety precaution, we ask that you avoid any pooling water or mud puddles that you could get stuck in resulting in a tow-out.
  • We carry restrictions year-long on the following areas:
    • Munro Trail is off-limits to ALL vehicles and has been closed for over 5 years. You may hike from the cemetery onto the trail only should you want to access the ridge.
    • Polihua Beach & Awelua access is strictly forbidden.  Our vehicles are not allowed to go beyond Garden of the Gods due to deteriorated road conditions.
    • Garden of the Gods & Lopa – Dependent on weather, please ask your concierge if this area is accessible.  May be closed during periods of heavy rain.
  • Narrow trails meant for ATV’s, leading through heavy brush/keawe for beach access are not allowed.  You’re responsible for any heavy scuffing caused by contact with trees or brush.
  • You are also responsible for glass and tires.  Please be aware the keawe thorns in the lower lying beach areas will cause tire punctures and we ask that you do not drive over downed tree limbs or brush.
  • You are responsible for refilling the gas tank to full.  A surcharge may be applied if you fail to do so along with the cost of gas.
  • No smoking in our vehicles.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No drivers under the age of 25.

Please understand your insurance is held as primary insurance and must meet Hawaii’s standard of compliance.

Our Facilities

We rent four-door jeeps and trucks with auto transmission, free maps, and island orientation. We also offer you the facility of guided tours which can be useful to make sure that you do not miss out on anything. Come enjoy the beautiful beaches of Hawaii! We’ll help you get there.


Our Prices

4 door Jeep rentals $225

per day

*taxes and fees not included

4 door gladiator truck rentals $225

*taxes and fees not included

Prices are per calendar day and do not include taxes and fees. The vehicle is due back at 6 PM on the final day of the rental.