Two Door Jeep Wrangler Rental    $125   per day
Four Door Jeep Wrangler Rental    $135   per day

& All New
2016 Subaru Crosstrek SUV’s    $165   per day


Phone Primary: (808) 649-9517

Phone Secondary: (480) 229-5900

  • FREE Pickup
  • Guided Tours available upon request
  • We rent Jeep Wranglers & Subaru Crosstreks
  • All with air conditioning and auto transmission
  • Free Maps and Island Orientation
  • Sorry, no animals allowed in our rental vehicles

“Come enjoy the most beautiful, remote beaches in all of Hawai’i! We’ll help you get there.”


Our Lanai Cheap Jeep & Subaru Rentals allow you to tour nearly our entire island! Lana’i is blessed with so many beautiful, wondrous places – and one side of the island is completely different from the other side. Enjoy: Manele Bay, Hulopoe Beach, Garden of the Gods, Shipwreck Beach, Monk Seals, Hawaiian Green Turtles, Kaumalapau Harbor, Polihua Beach, Lanai City, Keomuku, Koele, old pineapple fields, sugar plantation ruins, archaeological sites, and incredible Axis Deer and Mouflon Sheep sightings… all with our aloha hospitality for visitors with our “Lanai cheap jeep rental” services. If there are specific places you want to go, or a specific type of location, (e.g, remote beaches, romantic beaches, snorkeling or surfing spots, mountain trails, etc)… please ask.